Ready to roll

Early Wheels is a motor ministry to children with disabilities. Many kids with disabilities rely on adults to provide motor experiences for them, as they cannot move independently. As a result, these kids are lagging behind their peers developmentally, and some never catch up. The purpose of Early Wheels is simple: To provide independent motor opportunities to children with disabilities, targeting the age 0-4 year old.

Early Wheels will provide kids with a way to move. Early Wheels will come to a therapy or doctor appointment with the child to help determine what toy will need to be used, and what modifications need to be made. Then the toy will be made free of charge to the child. Early Wheels will consult with parents directly to help them figure out safe ways to modify currently owned toys. Early Wheels will also provide support to therapists, providing loaner toys to trial with clients. All toys are made from items found in stores and thrift stores, not in medical supply stores, so they can easily and inexpensively be replicated.

Phase 1 began February, 2017.  We provide movement opportunities for kids that have the strength in their legs or arms to self propel, but may need modifications thru a more supportive seating system, or a smaller device.  Examples of this are modified ride on toys that are foot propelled, as well as booster seat scooters.

Any Booster seat can become a booster scooter!

Phase 2 began in April, 2017.  We provide basic motorized toys that need to be simply modified to be driven safely. It would include moving a switch to make the toy run, adding safety straps, or a more supportive seat.

Phase 3 began summer of 2017.  We take more complex motorized toys and adapt the speed, input for driving (single switch, multiple switches, joystick), as well as the seat to give the child support when driving. An example could be like these: