In the spotlight

Last week, I was blessed to give a sweet kiddo one of the booster scooters.  I had the pleasure of meeting his family during his therapy session a few weeks ago. He sat in one of my trial scooters, and together, with the parents and therapist, we figured out what he would need.  He played with the wheels, moving them forward and back, and by the end of the trial, was able to move a few feet. 

So a booster scooter was made with a basket for his vent, a removable push handle for his parents (which now doubles as a place to hang his pulse oximeter), shoulder straps, a high seat belt, and a tray.  My hope was that he would be able to push the scooter more than the trial. As always, my expectations were blown away. Not only was he able to wheel across the room, turn on a dime, and come to his parents when they called him, he did this with his 10 pound vent sitting in the basket behind him!  

Here is an article from that day- while every day is not a success, I am so thankful for days like these!


The link is also on the Early Wheels facebook page!


jayden final.JPG